Run your fastest pro agility shuttle drill time

The Pro Agility Shuttle is an explosive drill that requires leg power and balance. The pro agility shuttle can be broken into 4 phases. The start, first turn, the second turn and finish

What is a Football Combine?

For the players, a combine is football’s decathlon where they compete against the clock and have to look good in “space”.

How To Run a fast 40 yard dash

By breaking the body down into segments, you can see how they are connected. Each segment has its role in sprinting technique.

Combine Training: How to Run the Pro Agility Shuttle

The Pro Agility Shuttle is a common agility drill used by coaches and scouts at football combines. This drill provides a great deal of explosive training for football players looking to train speed and leg strength.

Combine Training: How to run the 3 Cone L-Drill

The L-Drill is also known at the 3 cone and is used by football coaches to measure agility, change of direction and balance. The total distance covered is 30 yards, broken into six 5 yard short sprints.

NFL Combine Pro Day Training

If you are preparing for a pro day or a combine, we are here to help you set new personal records.


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