Combine Prep and Youth Training Programs

Podcast with Aaron King and Coach Bob King discussing the combine and youth training programs.

Lift Run Jump

Coach Bob King breaks down the three elements of performance training.

Should you lift before you run?

Running and weight lifting go hand in hand. The question is what order. This can be a complex answer, but Coach Bob King breaks down the basics.

What is the best time of day to workout?

Morning, noon or night? When should we workout? Does it matter? Coach Bob King and Aaron King discuss in this podcast.

Choosing the right training program

Coach Bob King talks about what to look for in a training program.

Speed training can train person run faster increase speed

Can you make a person faster? Yes you can, and Coach King has answers on why we focus so much on speed training.

5 Words to define time and intensity

There are 5 words that we use to guide the level of each training program design. These are highly relevant when you factor in-season vs off-season and your level. Youth will not be at the same intensity as a sophomore in college and so on.


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