Dynamic Warmup Drills for Speed Training

Performance training requires a proper warmup, and we use a dynamic warmup to begin a training session. This is different than a static stretch which is used at cool down.

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Which type of warm-up should you do before speed training?

The King Sports Warm Up

Coach King goes through the King Sports approach to warming up. "As simple as it is, this facilitates the rest of your training and helps optimize your program."

The King Sports Lead Up

Coach King explains the value of lead up and why you should take the time to make this a part of your speed training.

The Importance of Lines, Lanes & Leaders

Lining up correctly and staying in lanes are something every group needs to be good at. Setting order and keeping it should be easy, but even the easy things must be taught. Every line needs a leader. Do you know who your leaders are? Let's discuss the 3 Ls.



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