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L Drill

Equipment: 3 cones.

Set Up: L shaped with 5 yards between each cone. Similar to a box, without the fourth corner.

Pattern: Starting at the line, use a 3-point stance and come out low for five yards under control. Touch the line at the center cone, then return to the start and touch the line using the same hand. Turn and sprint back around the center cone, planting off your inside foot for a hard turn and figure 8 around the end cone, again planting with your inside foot. Make a sharp cut around the middle cone with your inside foot and sprint back towards the first cone, finishing the drill. Repeat this pattern going the other direction, always doing the same amount both to the right and the left.

Description: The L drill, also known as the 3 Cone, is another popular change-of-direction drill especially used by football coaches and scouts to measure agility.

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