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Staggered Shuttle

Equipment: 3 cones

Set Up: The 3 cones are three and five yards apart from each other for a total of 8 yards.

Pattern: Starting with a three-point stance at the middle cone, take an explosive first step and drive laterally to one of the outside cones. Touch the ground with the same hand as the direction you are running, so if you went left, use your left hand, same for the right. Then sprint 8 yards to the furthest cone, touch the ground with your hand, sprinting back through the middle cone to finish the drill.

Description: The Staggered Shuttle is one of the drills that are arrhythmic. That means that it is designed to be tricky with a couple of irregular moves. The changes of direction are abrupt. Run long, then short, flip sides and repeat the drill going the other direction, and always do an even amount of reps going both long and short.

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