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Cuff - Goal Post

Position: Stand with the arm bent at 90 degrees, held up so that there is 90 degrees betweeen the arm and torso, elbow even with the shoulder. Hold a cable so that the palm of the hand is facing towards the anchor of the cable. Your posture should be exaggerated in attention, spine long, shoulder blades pulled back. Keep the elbow at shoulder height, the hand out away from the head, stretching the cable.

Action: Move the hand up and down in a spinning motion. The arm should have a natural stopping point in the up position. Try to move the hand down to waist level.

Coaching point: If you are unable to complete the reps. due to fatigue or the burn, no problem; the exercise is working and adaptation should be quick. Use both arms up at once (hence the goal post) or one at a time.

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