How Quarterbacks Read Defenses

This past weekend, Nashville hosted a sporting spectacle. The NFL draft took place at the end of a long row of bars filled with live music. While in town, I was able to talk with Trent Dilfer's QBIQ founder, Chris Hixson. We did the entire podcast in the middle of the action.

Run your fastest pro agility shuttle drill time

The Pro Agility Shuttle is an explosive drill that requires leg power and balance. The pro agility shuttle can be broken into 4 phases. The start, first turn, the second turn and finish

What is a Football Combine?

For the players, a combine is football’s decathlon where they compete against the clock and have to look good in “space”.

How To Run a fast 40 yard dash

By breaking the body down into segments, you can see how they are connected. Each segment has its role in sprinting technique.

The Agility Ladder For Quarterbacks

This a great asset to all positions on the football field. One position that is the most hunted in a game is that of a quarterback. Every defender on the field wants his shot at the quarterback, which is why he has to have superior footwork.

Agility Ladder Training for Running Backs

There is a wide range of speed and agility drills that running backs need to work on, but the agility ladder drills should be a regular part of a running back’s regimen.

Speed Training For Wide Receivers Using Mini Hurdles

Wide receivers require great acceleration coming off the ball and out of breaks. Fast foot turnover improves the first couple of steps that influence how fast an athlete can get to full speed.

Combine Training: How to Run the Pro Agility Shuttle

The Pro Agility Shuttle is a common agility drill used by coaches and scouts at football combines. This drill provides a great deal of explosive training for football players looking to train speed and leg strength.



4 Week 40

Weeks: 4

Season: Off-Season

Level: Any

Sport: Football