5 Musts for talking to College Coaches and Scouts

If you are a high school football player training for the next level, it is important to know how to talk to college coaches.  Here are some things to think about as you prepare.

Game Film.

Game film is the ultimate source of evaluating you as a player.  Make sure that you have uploaded a highlight film (3-5 mins tops!) as well as full game cut ups for coaches to easily access.  In this day and age, coaches can pull up your film on their phones while they are talking to you.  Make sure you have your film online.


Make an effort to get to know the coaches you are speaking with, and let them get to know you through conversation.  The more a coach gets to know you and like you, the more likely he is to remember who you are when it comes to offering a scholarship or preferred walk-on offer position.  You'll be asked about your family, hobbies, music and other things that may be important to you.  Let the coaches know who you are.

Be Confident.

You have not made it this far without talent and hard work, so you have earned the right to be confident in your ability to contribute.  Humility goes a long way, but understand that you are seen as someone that can contribute to that team's success.  Let the coaches know that you are going to put in the work to help them on and off the field.

Reach Out.

If you have any updates or questions, reach out to your recruiting coach.  They are limited on when and how much they can contact recruits, so if you have any questions or concerns, ask.  One of the coolest parts about college recruiting is that you can get some really good tickets to games, all you have to do is ask!

Firm Hand Shakes.

Have you heard this before? A firm handshake is an easy first step in making a strong first impression.  This doesn’t mean break the coaches hand, but make sure you have a strong grip and look your coach in the eye.  A firm hand shake says you are confident and this is what coaches want to see.


There is a lot that goes into recruiting, but these are some basic fundamentals to help you in your process.  Good Luck!


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