How to improve a child's athleticism

Boosting Kids' Athletic Skills: A Simple Guide

Making kids better at sports starts with the basics: teaching them to run well and improving how they move. 

Here’s a straightforward plan to do just that:

Start with Speed

  • What’s Important: Speed isn’t just running fast. It’s about moving smarter and using what you've got more effectively.
  • Why It Matters: It’s the base for getting better at any sport.

Get the Footwork Right

  • Key Points: It’s all about how kids start moving, change direction, and stop. Teaching them to squat and drop their hips to stop quickly helps avoid clumsy spins or turns.

Mix in Sport-Specific Moves

  • Overall Idea:Being athletic isn't just physical. It's about using those moves in the sport they play. This means taking those running and moving skills and applying them directly to the game.

Find the Training Sweet Spot

  • Start Slow: Three days a week is great to begin with. It gives time for rest and learning.
  • Build Up: As kids grow and get stronger, you can up the training days. More seasoned athletes might go up to five days a week.
  • Rest is Key: Taking breaks is just as important as training. It helps avoid injuries and keeps kids ready and eager for more.

Training Tips for Middle Schoolers

Middle school is a time when kids are full of energy and growing fast. Here’s how to use that energy wisely:

Optimal Training Days

  • Recommendation: Aim for three to four days of training each week. It’s enough to make progress without getting overwhelmed.

Why It Works

  • Speed and Agility: Focus on making them faster and better at moving in different directions. This isn’t just good for sports but for overall fitness.

Keeping It Balanced

  • The Goal: Use their energy and growth for their benefit, without pushing too hard. This method builds a strong foundation for later, more focused training.

In short, improving a child’s athleticism is all about starting with the basics and gradually building from there, with plenty of rest mixed in. This balanced approach helps them grow as athletes and keep loving their sport.


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