Summer speed training workouts Week 1

Throughout this series, I will lay out each day of a training week leading to the end of summer or any extended training cycle. The first thought is to make it clear that this plan is flexible and can be adjusted for any schedule, regardless of limitations on the number of days per week, session duration, or weeks allowed.

Key Points:

  • The plan can fit any schedule.
  • It is not day-specific (e.g., Monday, Tuesday) but rather day-numbered (e.g., Day 1, Day 2).

Exercise Selection

Exercise selection is up to the coach. Every coach has their philosophies about what works best. It's important to note that the program used by a state or national championship team won't come with that team's coaches and players.

Training Days Breakdown

Day 1 - Strength + 0-10

  • Focus: Total body workout (chest, back, legs).
  • Exercises: Bench press, lat pulldowns, squats/deadlifts.
  • Speed Training: 0-10 training to build first step acceleration.
    • Train at 95% perceived effort to prevent injuries.
  • Conditioning: Introduce running types for the summer, less than 75% volume of what’s coming.
  • Explosive Work: Starts in week 3 (daily jump rope, light hurdle hops).

Day 2 - Change of Direction

  • Focus: Leg burning exercises with a lot of cone work.
  • Conditioning: Same theme as the speed program.

Day 3 - Strength + 0-30

  • Lift: Alternates between Dumbbell Festival and Olympics.
    • Dumbbell Festival: Any lift that can be done with dumbbells, especially combinations.
    • Olympics: Core lifts, starting from week 3.
  • Speed: 0-30 training.
  • Conditioning and Explosive Work

Day 4 - Sport-Specific Change of Direction

  • Focus: As sport-specific as possible change of direction drills.
  • Conditioning

Day 5 - Strength & Power

  • Lift: Big bench and leg day.
  • Conditioning
  • Speed and Explosive Work

Day 6 - Track

  • Focus: 110 intervals (bread and butter).
    • Can be marked off in any space; track is not required.

Day 7 - Off

General Guidelines

  • Flexible Layout: Adjust as needed; details to follow.
  • Coach's Right: Reserve the right to change the program if required.
    • Can change overnight if the program loses effectiveness.
  • "New Game" Principle: Inspired by the New Games Foundation.
    • If an activity stalls or doesn’t go well, switch to a new drill without negative energy.

Start your planning; time is running out.


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