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Medicine Ball As a Speed Training Tool

Speed Training gadgets are training tools that help athletes practice techniques that strengthen speed development. These tools can be serious training devices that improve the effects and excitement of normal speed training. Gadgets can be medicine balls, cables, or good old-fashioned hills.

Gadgets interact with two kinds of running: release and freedom.

Release running happens when resistance is added, dropped, and your speed magically increases.

Free running is running without resistance at all. The type of exercise I will talk about most is the release running, specifically with a medicine ball.

No matter which exercises you take from this, remember that nothing should compromise your athletes’ running technique. If your athletes are practicing in the wrong forum, they’ll play in the wrong form; there is no margin for technique error.

Why do we use gadgets for speed training?

Well, you can try to tell your athletes to, “run fast” then, “run faster”.

But there’s only so much they can do without training

In order to help increase the speed, we will add resistance and releases. The drill transitions from running with weight (carrying a medicine ball) to running without weight (dropping it) and then resting. The transitions are crucial for managing healthy techniques.

Here’s what I mean when I say coach this drill with good technique– the medicine ball when held in the arms, can over-rotate and injure a player's shoulders. Holding the ball immobilizes the arms during running. After dropping the ball, check that each player moves their arms again in the appropriate running technique. There are two variations, one easier and one for more advanced athletes. In both, carry the medicine ball in the middle of the body about belly button high.

2 Types of Exercises

1. Med Ball Drop

The athlete carries a medicine ball for a 15 to 20-yard sprint. Then drop the ball at completion; do not set it down because it will potentially strain the back. The medicinal ball will make the athletes feel heavier and slower, but then will suddenly feel light and faster after the ball is dropped.

2. Double Med Ball Drop

The athlete carries one medicine ball in each arm for a 15 to 20-yard sprint. Then they will drop both balls in the same manner. The immediate release of weight will increase their speed accordingly.

This sprint workout could be used in tons of different ways. This description is brief, but it should provide you with enough information to incorporate simple exercises that will increase your athlete's speed.

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