Four Grilling Tips for July 4th

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays because grilling is one of my favorite hobbies. If you follow me on Instagram @coachbobking, you’ll see me post grilling videos on my story along with the training posts featuring clips from the podcast.

So since I’m hoping all of you will have time to do some bbq for the fourth, today is a fun opportunity to talk more about nutrition and give you some behind-the-scenes of the King grill scene.

Beast mode before feast mode

Historically, I’ve consistently gotten in a good workout before the main event. I enjoy a deep sweat before a deep food coma.

A good total body workout crushing some legs and arms as well as some cardio is a consistent element for most of my holidays where I’m going to be taking in some extra calories. I won’t blame you if you just settle for an arm workout though. As they say, suns out…

On occasion I’ve done just some track work close by with some push-ups. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go on a day where many people take off. Check out the posts about the High Speed 110’s or the Speed Training Themes where I talk about the Speed Ladder.

By the time I’m ready to cook, I can feel the metabolism ramped up and the appetite ready for a feast. Now it’s time for the four quarters for grilling.

Four Quarters for Grilling

1. Choose Your Starting Lineup

The Big Green Egg is my QB. They are not a sponsor; I’m just a fan – an egghead with eggcessories.

If it requires heat, it goes on the Green Egg at my house. The oven is reserved for rolls and biscuits simply to divide and conquer.

There are many great tools and apparati out there that can get the job done. I’ve got a client that loves his Kamado Joe and one that loves her gas grill. I know it can be a whole debate between charcoal or gas. In the spirit of the holiday, exercise your freedom to use the equipment that makes you happy.

Next you have the rest of your starters. I’m not talking appetizers, I’m talking meat. The kind that leads All-Star voting. Meat in the King household makes the meal. I’ll touch on that more when we get into protein.

2. Pre-game

Get your gear in gear. Prep is everything.

Every cookout needs a playlist. Until I have tunes, I haven’t really started.

Then you need a refreshment. Get out your beverage(s) so that you can hydrate… responsibly.

You will need Pit Mitts. Anything that can stand high heat. You want to be careful not to burn yourself. Other apparel consists of an apron with a towel (or two) and a hat for some extra shade.

    I have the typical list of tools:

  • •Tongs

  • •Spatula

  • •Grill fork

  • •Wire brush

  • •Digital thermometer

  • •5 gallon tool pale

A key asset is a fan. An artificial breeze comes in the clutch when temperatures in Texas can be in the triple digits. Even if you have shade – and I advise strongly to operate in the shade – nothing beats a nice breeze while you’re getting extra heat coming off from the grill.

Since I’m a BGE guy, I not only use lump charcoal, but I also use wood chunks. I’ve tried them all and I keep a rotation of mesquite, pecan, apple, cherry, chapple (yep, cherry and apple together), black walnut and hickory.

There are others and everything is to taste. You may need a large drip pan for water and whiskey to put under the food for additional flavoring.

If you can afford it, get an equipment manager. Some call them teenagers, but either way teamwork makes the dream work.

3. Game time

Execution is everything. The principle of sequence boils down to the idea that the order matters.

You need to have a game plan for how you’re going to tackle the menu, but get control of the temperature first! Wood and seasoned water go directly on the coals five minutes ahead of the cook.

Veggies or other sides go on first and can rest as needed. Potatoes simply take the longest so typically they lead the way. I keep sides warm catering-style with a small flame underneath tin trays.

Protein goes on last. It gets close attention. Once the protein is on, get the large cooler with towels ready to put your large items in so they can rest longer. The key is practice. After you’ve gotten experience with different meats and different temperatures and times, you should be able to get it right. Obviously this is where the thermometer is valuable.

Then when all is done, just eat, baby. We go through the line and self-serve and maybe even turn on a baseball game.

4. Post-game

Sit, breathe, stand up slowly and wait a second before trying to walk. If you did do a heavy leg, maybe sit back down.

Then, clean your grill!

Just like your body needs recovery, your grill needs maintenance. If you are the pitmaster, after a brief burnoff, the grate should be cleaned with a wire brush and vents closed. No “cleaning agents” used, ever, inside.

I know paper plates and utensils are convenient when mass feeding so that makes for some easy clean up when you can just toss it.

Master the Macros

On holidays like today, you need your macros in order. This will be quick, and I won’t go over any grilling recipes.


On special occasions I go big on the prime cuts. Some good ribs and brisket are my favorites. I’ll also throw on some pork shoulder.

Chicken breasts are also a staple for me on the grill. The main reason is because leftovers will also take me through the week. I love salmon and it may be the best of the bunch, but be careful to not overcook fish and remember that it may not make for the best leftovers because reheating it can be tricky.

I know a lot of people love chicken wings and the usual hot dogs and hamburgers. If I am going to make cheeseburgers, I’m going to make the patties big and juicy. Once again, you be you and enjoy.


Potatoes will always be my favorite carb. There’s so many types to choose from and so many ways to do them, but the classic “baked” potato for me works. I just drizzle in some olive oil, season with some salt and pepper, then wrap in tin foil and toss them on the grill.

A good mac & cheese and some beans will also make it on the list for the fourth of July. Obviously potato salad won’t make the cut since we do our taters hot, but some slaw is one of my favorite cold items.


I’m sure you have figured out by now that the protein has the fats. Who doesn’t love some brisket burnt ends? Then of course salmon is the champion of omegas.

However, I’m sure you also do what I do and have some chips and guacamole throughout the afternoon. Avocados will always be one of the best ways to get some good fats in.

That’s it. There’s always dessert but I’m not grilling Blue Bell!

Comment how you roll and share what you do for dessert. No matter what, eat, sleep and be free!


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