Speed Daily #2 - Setting Goals

Aaron King

Published 6 days Ago

Goal-setting is something that is on all our minds right now.

We just started a new year, and most of us have a few extra pounds coming out of the holidays.

Athletic development is also on our minds as the winter is full of gains.

Coach King and I sat down to discuss goal-setting in the gym and how you can set yourself up for success.

What goals do you have this year? Is it to rep out 185, 225, 315 on the bench? Want to have better legs in the later sets or forth quarter?

I watched as one athlete took his 225 bench press reps from 17 to 23 in a single off-season as he prepared for the NFL combine.
4 years in college only took him from 12 reps to 17.

The number one rule is everything is connected.
You secondary muscles, conditioning and. everything in between will contribute to your success or failure.

We have a variety of strength programs that reflect this goal-setting.

Let me know if there is a goal we can help you with.
- Aaron King

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