How conditioning effects speed in weekend warriors

Aaron King

weekend warrior 40 Published 7 months Ago

Aaron King (@deepsnap) is wanting to improve his 40 during this quarantine. As a baseline, he went out and ran two 40’s. First Time: 4.72 Second Time: 4.80 Not bad for 10 years out of the game, but the times were very different from each other. You could say that it was operator error, or something related to the timing, but the discrepancy was too big. That’s where I look at conditioning due to the drop-off. He’s now 35 years old and a weekend warrior that gets cardio and touches the weights, but never trains high intensity. We can all run a good something, but doing it again is the hard part. The key we are looking for is, “Repeating of Value” In sports, I like to say, “there’s no halftime adjustment for fatigue.” No matter what level you are, fitness and conditioning are absolutely essential to repeating value and competing at a high level. You may have a good burst here or there, but fitness determines if you’re fast or not. Fast at every level of your game or competition. This was a good baseline time, he’s now training for the next 4 weeks to see where he can get his time to and see how his body feels. We’ll check in with the results and you can follow the same training program here.

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