Our Mission at King Sports Training

Happy New Year! Life comes at us fast.

Whether you’re new to King Sports Training or have been a part of the community for a while, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being here. I’d like to take time to share the mission of King Sports Training so you know why you’re in the right place.

Mission is defined as 'an important assignment carried out for a purpose’. Mission statements are valuable because they are the lens with which everything is done. A mission brings clarity to the purpose and drives the vision. Together, both unite a community and validate the assignment.

The mission of King Sports Training is to equip parents and coaches to simply and safely train any youth athlete so those kids can be best prepared for their opportunity.

The opportunities may look different, but the level of preparation doesn’t have to. Whenever opportunity comes, the athlete can be prepared for their moment, even if it only comes once. So, King Sports wants to train you how to best train them.

Our Methodology

How do we train? Well, this is done via tried and true old school techniques that are modernized. So, as technology advances, as equipment is improved, as peer-reviewed research is published–anything that is proven to work is adopted and integrated accordingly. Some things, though, like fundamentals, stand the test of time. The why might evolve, the how might adapt, but there isn’t change for the sake of change. We never go “back to basics” because we never leave them in the first place.

One thing I have noticed over the years is so many people try to “fake it until they make it”. They’ll work so hard to reinvent the wheel. Trust me, there is nothing new under the sun. I would rather teach you how to correctly use the wheel(s) you’ve got and impart as much knowledge as I can along the way.

I also want to highlight the MO (modus operandi) of our mission. The equipping is rooted in education. This year, King Sports Training is going to take the time to teach. It’s more than just access to awesome workouts. I want to provide resources that empower you as a coach, or parent, so you have confidence as you deliver the lessons to your athletes, or even your own kids.

New Year Resolutions & Mission Statements

Many people make resolutions which is awesome because it is equivalent to goal setting–something I advocate. It’s no surprise most resolutions are related to diet and exercise. My best piece of advice is: make them quantifiable and attainable instead of all-or-nothing.

For example, if you want to eat healthier and limit your sugar intake, instead of resorting to no sugar at all, try less sugar; set a maximum number of grams per day. If you want to improve your personal fitness and decide to start running more, you could go for a number like 200 miles, which is only about a 5k a week. Too easy? Then try 1,000 miles, which is about a 5k a day, accounting for one day off per week. If you believe you can do it, then go do it.

Take your resolutions a step further and align them with a personal mission statement–one that doesn’t have to change year to year. After all, if you’re a better you, ideally, you’re a better coach.

Resolutions For Your Program

While you’re at it, how about resolutions for your program?

Perhaps you want to realign on goals set prior to summer break or the beginning of the school year. That’s fine! Adjust accordingly and ensure progress is being tracked.

Collaboration with your athletes on program resolutions is a great motivational tool. An example is to have a number of athletes hit certain PRs on strength lifts or speed tests. Consider taking it a step further by having an academic related program resolution. I had an athlete whose college program made a resolution to celebrate the highest GPAs on the team. Or, maybe even a community service related resolution that brings your group together while serving others. Toy drives for Christmas? Blood drives for summer? Be creative.

Failure Isn’t Final

Life and sports are often interwoven. In sports, you practice, prepare and hear the coach exclaim ‘You are a winner! ’ You participate in a pep rally, then you head out for pregame and get hype (meanwhile, your opponent has done all the same things). Next thing you know, it’s kick-off and suddenly, it’s halftime and you're down BIG!

The point is, we never prepare to lose or fall behind, but both can happen.

When you resolve to stop eating the aforementioned sugar (cold turkey), there’s always a birthday celebration or a special occasion and of course you want to be nice, so you’re compelled to indulge. You can’t escape it. What’s the problem here? It’s all about methodology and execution. At some point, I even had to learn that a New Year’s resolution crash was inevitable IF I didn’t make my resolutions quantifiable and attainable instead of all-or-nothing.

Besides, why wait until January 1st? The time is NOW, even if it should have been yesterday or it COULD be tomorrow. Whatever you resolve, leave room for failure, but also leave room for recovery. If you don’t quit, you win. Like an athlete, recover for the next play.

You can do it! We’re in this together! LET’S GO!!

Everyday to prepare


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