Combine Training: How to Run the Pro Agility Shuttle

Equipment Needed:


Skills: Agility, explosion, lateral movement


The Pro Agility Shuttle is a common agility drill used by coaches and scouts at football combines.  This drill provides a great deal of explosive training for football players looking to train speed and leg strength.

fundamental change of direction mechanics as they apply to the pro shuttle:


1. Squat when you stop.

2.  Feet apart, hips between the knees.

3.  It is a short sprint, but still a sprint.

4. Change of direction is both speed and explosion.

5.  Touch the line with the same hand as the direction you are going.  If you are

going right, touch with your right hand, if you are going left, touch with your left




The Start

Stance – Football players start with their hand on the line.  Whichever direction your are running, that same foot is placed slightly back to open your stance.  Place your toe to instep with your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider.

Arm Placement - The arm of the direction you are running is relaxed, hanging from the shoulder, slightly bent.  The first movement is to “throw” your arm to open up your shoulders.

First Step - The start motion is more like falling out of the stance as you run at an angle for the first 5 yards in order to transition into the first turn.